How we promote awareness, help in prevention, and assist in treatment...



We are constantly spreading the word about eating disorders to the community and addressing self image issues. Some of the ways that we do that is through fundraising events, posts to keep eating disorders and eating issues as a regularly trending topic, and to allow sufferers a place to come to, address their concerns, and to know and be around those that understand or may also be struggling. 



By promoting messages of accepting and loving ones body and more importantly, who we are, we push for people to see beyond looks in themselves and others. Through our videos we are able to address the nine spokes for building a full circle life. On social media, we are regularly posting inspirational messages of pride in one's character, as well as stories of the accomplishments of young people based on things besides looks such as intellect, bravery, class, and those supporting or changing traditional beauty standards.



The financial pressure that treatment of an eating disorder takes on the sufferer and their family is a struggle that we help to assist in. Through our partnerships, fundraising events, and merchandise sales, we are able to help support sufferers into rehabilitation centers that are flexible for them, with both in-patient and outpatient options. Through uncovering the root of the problems we are able to address, treat, and eventually prevent in recurrence.