Founder, Justin Jones created Healed after discovering that his eldest daughter, Channi, suffered from anorexia.

As the owner of a start up swimsuit design company, models were regularly around his family. It took a toll on Channi, who after some time finally approached him and told him “It hurts that you choose a business that makes it so we have all these little models with beautiful bodies running around our house in suits that I’ll never be able to wear because I’m too big to put them on.”

After much research and conversations with other women suffering from negative self-image, he recognized the need for more attention and help to be available for sufferers or potential victims of eating disorders.

HealED focuses on telling the real story about beauty. With continued content in the realms of personal growth, esteem building, and self awareness we will continue to push the envelope to find ways to spread the message, all people are beautiful just the way they are.